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BCJobs Grant deadline approaching

This is an important announcement regarding the BC Jobs Grant deadline of July 31. This program could get you a grant for two-thirds off my Media Mastery program. If you are a solopreneur or small business​ and you’d like to take some training but need some funding, this is for you. BUT​, you have until the end of […]

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Biggest Mistakes Pitching to Media

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make when trying to gain the attention of an editor, producer or publisher is to “push” the story. You are passionate about what you do and how you can help people, so it sounds good to start off with that, offering a description of your company, […]

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One tip on working smarter, not harder

It is unfortunately true that as you are in the early years of growing your business, you are probably going to have to work hard no matter what all the maxims say; but there are many areas where you can be very strategic – and smart – about your marketing. Think of how long it […]

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How to pitch an expert column

I love successes! And I’ve just celebrated another one with a client of mine who landed his first advice column after sending ONE email. As a customer relationship management expert, he wanted to be in front of small businesses to help them with their client needs. I suggested he pitch a column idea, which he […]

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Four steps to being interviewed on television

This could be you. This person came across my TV screen the other day. She’s a local interior designer talking about – as the title explains – small-space design. She is not an internationally recognized design guru. I’ve never seen her before on television or elsewhere. She didn’t even have particularly groundbreaking ideas. In fact, […]

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Quick! Jump Up and Down and Wave Your Arms!

Is that something you have as part of your marketing plan? Most companies may as well be jumping up and down and waving arms to get attention considering all the good their actual marketing communications does. Is your product a must-have? Great! Is your service stellar? Fabulous! Now how do you get the word out? Are you […]

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‘You’re fired!’

I never thought I’d be using Donald Trump as a means to promote traditional media marketing, but there’s an important message here. Every time I see The Donald, I think about those two little words: You’re fired! “You’re fired” separates legitimate journalism and legitimate reporters from those with the attitude of “I’m-on-the-street-and-I’ve-got-a-cell-phone-so-I’m-a-reporter-now.” So, what am […]

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The Pitch – Make It Good!

“Believe it or not, your company and product, by themselves, are not an interesting topic.” That’s a quote from a great article I just came across about 8 tips on pitching to media by Snapp Conner PR owner Cheryl Conner in Forbes Magazine. Her article, “How To Pitch To The Press: The 8 No-Fail Strategies” caught […]

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