Quick! Jump Up and Down and Wave Your Arms!

This is you

Is that something you have as part of your marketing plan? Most companies may as well be jumping up and down and waving arms to get attention considering all the good their actual marketing communications does.

Is your product a must-have? Great!

Is your service stellar? Fabulous!

Now how do you get the word out?

Are you hitting tens of thousands of potential buyers through one or two hours of work? Chances are, unless you already have a tribe of followers in the five-digit arena, connecting through social media is a hit-or-miss.

And remember, everyone else in your field is also jumping up and down,waving their hands, saying, “Pick me! Pick me!”

That’s why your online presence has to go beyond Facebook posts and Goodle Adwords. And why spend the money if you don’t have to? Think of what your market is looking at online. What are they reading? (If you’re not sure, now would be good time to poll some of your clients to see where they hang out.)

If your customer is checking out Vitamin Daily online, then that’s where you have to be; if they’re reading BC Business online, then point your marketing in that direction.

Despite the dozens of options to engage online, most consumers still have a favourite magazine or newspaper they read or TV station they watch.

While it’s tempting to send out a broadcast email through a service like Cision, which promises thousands of contacts worldwide, the generic way in which you’re forced to write your release (to appeal to everyone) dilutes the message to the point that you don’t stand out.

Target your media message just as you would target your product. Know who wants it and get in front of them.

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Baila Lazarus

Media Expert

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